Students are invited to provide feedback on their experience at the end of each competency unit and at the end of the program. This practice yields rich data for analysis. These surveys collect data such as students’ impressions of the unit itself, students’ evaluations of professors, the LMS and learning resources as well as their relationship with their church leaders. The San Antonio Cohort students were the first group to complete the Satisfaction Surveys online. The surveys are anonymous to encourage candid responses. 100% of the responses were received.

A satisfaction factor of at least 70% is required in each aspect addressed by the survey. A ‘Disagree’ and ‘Strongly Disagree’ response is undesirable. A ‘Neutral’ response is only acceptable in cases where specific questions did not apply to the student.

Student evaluation of learning resources and content

The chart below indicates that the students were substantially satisfied with the learning resources and content of the units.


Learning resources and content

Student evaluation of achievement of competencies

In terms of learning outcomes, students overwhelmingly agreed that they developed the desired competencies in each unit. This high level of satisfaction is also displayed and affirmed in the excellent feedback on the content of the units, the presentation, and feedback on faculty knowledge.

Evaluation Achievement of Competencies

Student evaluation of faculty

As indicated by the chart below, students found the lecturers approachable and knowledgeable and reported that the presentation was also very good. Only one student gave a neutral response to an adjunct lecturer who taught only one unit.

Evaluation of Faculty

Student evaluation of online library

Students evaluated the online library resources and the services very highly. This cohort was the first to use the online library. All resources are accessible through the LMS.

Evaluation of Library

Other evaluations by students

All the students agreed that they were treated fairly by the Graduate School. Students were also very satisfied with the logistics and training facility.

Other Evaluations