Schedule of Fees: 2022-23

  1. Current total program tuition fees:
    Master of Arts:              $12,600
    Master of Divinity:         $16,200
    Doctor of Ministry:         $8,000
    Registration fee:           $75
    RPL:                            $84/semester hour
  2. These fees presume that students will pass every unit on their first attempt. Students who do not pass a unit on their first attempt must repeat the unit and pay the fees for that unit again. The fee remains the same for the period of the enrollment agreement.
  3. Fees are calculated and billed on a monthly basis as a proportion of the program’s fees.
  4. The registration fee is due when an application has been accepted.
  5. Fees include admission, evaluation of U.S. transcripts, tuition, electronic copies of all required study materials, and assessment. Fees do not include:
    • other possible student expenditures (e.g., costs relating to a computer, hard copies of materials, costs relating to field research, supplementary materials that are not program requirements)
    • evaluation of non-U.S. transcripts and degrees.
  6. The costs for optional or special services, such as expedited shipment of materials, experiential portfolio assessment or dissertation binding are not included in the fees and will require additional payments. The rates are available on request.

Alternative Payment Plans

Students having difficulties meeting payment obligations for tuition and fees may apply for alternative payment plans. Students who elect to use a plan must complete and sign a promissory note (plan agreement) to agree to the terms of the plan. Students wishing to sign up for the payment plan must be at least 18 years of age. Students under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian fill out the plan agreement in person.

How to apply: Contact the Registrar ()
For more information: Contact Student Accounts to learn more about the available payment options and penalties for non-payment ().


  1. No qualification or transcript will be issued until full payment has been received.
  2. When a student has paid fees for a particular semester or unit, the VCI Graduate School will not then levy subsequent fees caused by a fee increase.
  3. Fees are due at commencement of each semester. However, the VCI Graduate School may allow payment by installments upon application.
  4. Fees are payable in U.S. dollars.
  5. No fees apply for credit transferred from other VCI colleges (e.g., Graduate Diploma credit from VCI Inc. Australia to a MA).

Financial advice

Students may need financial advice, for example:

  1. Having to plan to pay tuition.
  2. Having substantial travel costs to do VCI studies.
  3. Having substantial time away from work to do VCI studies.
  4. Having unexpected changes of circumstances (e.g., loss of employment, family member dies, sickness, moving house).

Students in need of financial advice should in the first instance contact their cohort coordinator for advice. Advice is confidential but please note that VCI personnel may not give advice beyond their expertise. 

Scholarship Policy

The VCI Graduate School may grant scholarships based on one or more of the following factors:

  • the student’s involvement in Christian ministry
  • the student’s involvement in VCI and leadership potential
  • likelihood of satisfactory completion
  • the potential for their project to further the objectives of VCI and
  • their ability to pay (considering their current income and the strength of their local currency).

The granting of scholarships is decided by the VCI Graduate School based on the above criteria. The decisions are final.

Financial Aid

Non-US VCI students are not eligible for U.S. government loans or grants.

Withdrawals and Tuition Refunds

  1. A student’s notification of withdrawal must be conveyed to the VCI Graduate School in writing.
  2. The once-off registration fee is refundable when a student elects to withdraw within five calendar days of receiving notice of their registration. If a student withdraws after five days, the registration fee is non-refundable.
  3. Students who elect to withdraw within five calendar days of receiving notice of their registration will receive a refund of all tuition fees paid, regardless if any lessons have been offered.
  4. If a student withdraws after five days of receiving notice of their registration, tuition fees paid to the VCI Graduate School is subject to a refund as follows. Refunds are based on the incomplete proportion of the degree program for which the student has already paid. For example if the student has paid for a full year of the program and withdraws in the third month, they will be refunded for the nine months left. If tuition fees are paid on a monthly basis, no refunds will be made and the student will be liable for the full month in which they have given notice of withdrawal.
  5. If the VCI Graduate School cancels a program, the student will receive a full refund, including the registration fee and money that they may have paid for learning materials.
  6. The VCI Graduate School will transfer any funds due to the student by ACH transfer within 30 days of a withdrawal request.