We have developed a unique training process that works in any culture, and that can function even if resources are limited and without needing to go away to Bible training institutes.

Three main elements make the philosophy and practice of Integrated Leadership Development (ILD) unique:

• It all happens in the local church
• The whole person is developed
• The Bible and the practical world are brought together

Equipping people in their local church strengthens their church by building on the work and ministry that is already in place. Most other forms of training require students to be taken out of their local environment at great expense, leaving gaps in their home church.

Students are encouraged through the use of analysis and application to understand the Bible for themselves and how it impacts their lives. Veritas College is non-denominational and so does not supply a doctrinal framework to which students must subscribe. Instead students grasp the truths contained in the Scriptures for themselves and learn how to apply them. The Veritas material teaches you how to think, not what to think.

Through the various processes of ILD, we promote self-theologising (the doing of theology in context) that leads believers and churches to maturity. This will be reflected in their lives and in their transforming influence on other individuals and families in the church and on society at large.

It is this uniqueness that makes our training very flexible and easily adaptable to any church situation.