This is the starting point of training for church members, ministry leaders and pastors. The training is running in some 40 countries with over 12,000 people currently in training. The training takes the form of four modules with the following characteristics:

  • It emphasises the development of the whole person by bringing the Bible and the practical world together. With a strong emphasis on teaching skills to the participants, Veritas offers the training on different levels according to the needs of the participants.
  • It is run by churches in collaboration with Veritas College that provides the curriculum and all materials. Veritas trains all facilitators.
  • It seeks to integrate the different theological disciplines through the practice of interactive theology. For example, students cover a particular subject by interpreting the Bible. They then apply the biblical answers to the individual and society in their specific context. They then work out how to effectively communicate these answers to others.
  • It is based on our educational philosophy of Integrated Leadership Development.

Content of the training

The content is organised to encourage students to do theology themselves and apply it in ministry.

  • Students first acquire the skills to interpret a specific type of biblical literature and then practise their skills by interpreting passages of Scripture.
  • They then apply the absolutes of the passages in their specific context through discussion in small group Bible studies.
  • They then aquire the skills of communication like teaching and preaching to minister the absolutes of the Gospel.

Students repeat this process on all the different types of literature and Bible books throughout the four modules, following a holistic process that runs from the interpretation of the biblical message to its communication.

pdf Outline: Modules 1-4 (301 KB)

Module 1

  • How and why the Bible came into being
  • The three processes of Bible interpretation
  • How to interpret exposition/exhortation applied to the NT letters (steps of exegesis)
  • The message of salvation and how to live a victorious life
  • How to lead a Bible study group
  • How to preach

Module 2

  • An overview of the OT
  • A biblical worldview
  • How to interpret the Pentateuch and the Ten Commandments
  • How to interpret narrative applied to the OT historical books
  • Biblical family life
  • How to present a biblical message to children

Module 3

  • How to interpret biblical poetry applied to the Psalms, wisdom books, and the Prophets
  • Prophecy in the OT
  • Praise and worship in the church
  • How to provide biblical pastoral care
  • Biblical involvement in society

Module 4

  • How to interpet the Synoptic Gospels, John, Acts, and Revelation
  • How to interpret apocalyptic literature applied to Revelation
  • The calling of the church to serve through self-denial
  • How to develop a strategy for church life