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In Malawi about 80% of the population is Christians. Churches are well-attended but many churches are served by leaders and members who have little or no access to Bible training to equip them for helping their communities. 

About Veritas College Malawi

Veritas Malawi makes Bible and leadership training accessible to city and rural church leaders and members for whom residential Bible training is out of reach. Our vision is to enable local churches to develop a God-centred, biblically-based vision and to equip members for service and leadership that transforms their local communities. 

Veritas seeks to:

  1. enable local churches in Malawi to train and disciple their members for service and leadership
  2. provide biblical and practical curriculum materials for discipleship and pastoral leadership skills
  3. nurture and train local facilitators to deliver training in many local churches.


Bible Training In Local Churches For Leaders and Members

The focus of the curriculum is on the essential skills for pastoral ministry which include interpreting, applying and communicating the Bible accurately and for the local context. You can read more about the Veritas College International Education Philosophy here: Introduction to VCI Educational Philosophy

Training in a local church
Participants training in a local church

Training Materials

The Veritas Module workbooks are available in English and Chichewa. Training materials are subsidized for participants. View the content of our curriculum here: Outline: Modules 1-4

Facilitator Training

In the past 150 years, Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced an amazing growth in Christianity. The question is, how do we make training accessible and affordable to many leaders and members? One answer is to train local facilitators who in turn will train members in their own church communities. This approach has resulted in many changed lives and large numbers of leaders and members have been equipped with the skills to understand the Bible, apply its message to their lives and communicate it clearly.

African Independant Churches Nkhoma 2020

We have two programmes to train facilitators for the Veritas training modules:

  1. The Facilitator Training Course (FTC) is a programme designed to train qualified pastors as facilitators. 
  2. The Facilitator Apprenticeship Programme (FAP) is a course designed for church members to qualify as facilitators.


Partner with us

Local volunteers - can you help us with your knowledge, talents and experience? 

Bible training - would you like to become a facilitator and facilitate Bible training for your own church or community?

Newsletters & website info - can you help us with your media skills? We need people who can take photos, produce short videos, write newsletters and keep our website info up to date.

International volunteersContact us if you want to discuss how your skills and experience could be put to use. We would be delighted to discuss it with you.


"I once was just a church goer with little knowledge of the Word of God. This changed when I was born again and now I want others to know what I have gained from knowing God. This is what motivates me to teach God's Word and because the participants are eager to learn. Moreover, I grow spiritually when I prepare for the lessons and Jesus says that the workers are few, and so I must help. I enjoy seeing participants grow in their understanding of the truth and learn to share it with others. This motivates me to equip others with God's Word. Veritas has also helped us holistically as we have learned to budget, save and use our money productively through the Village Savings and Loans programme"

Mrs. Rosemary Ziko, Ntchisi

Mrs. Rosemary Ziko, Ntchisi Malawi Foundation Training

"The Veritas Bible course Module 1 has helped me spiritually. I didn't understand the Bible before the training and now I know what it means and it has changed my life."

Mr Lifeyo Numeri, Ndaladi village, Central Malawi

Mr Lifeyo Numeri, Ndaladi village, Central Malawi Malawi Foundation Training

"I was a nominal Christian before I started the Veritas Bible training. Now I have become a committed Christian. I am so grateful to Veritas."

Mrs. Mercy Beston, Khumilnjuchi village, Central Malawi

Mrs. Mercy Beston, Khumilnjuchi village, Central Malawi Malawi Foundation Training

"Veritas has helped me a lot. I've learned the story of God. I am an elder at Mchisanjala CCAP and it has helped me in my ministry. Before the Veritas training I didn't know how to preach and present the Word of God to others but now I am confident and see change in people's lives."

Mr Wales Kumchulesi, Chikusi Village, Lilongwe District

Mr Wales Kumchulesi, Chikusi Village, Lilongwe District Malawi Foundation Training

"I am a better person, during the training in all the module, for the first time in my life I heard God speaking to me in my own context and my language through exegesis. My wife can testify that I am a better husband and a better father because of the training"

Participant at St Peter's congregation (CCAP) in the city of Blantyre

Participant at St Peter's congregation (CCAP) in the city of Blantyre Malawi Foundation Training

Module 1 Participant Training
Dzaleka Refugee Camp
Module 1 Participant Training
Dzaleka Refugee Camp
Module 1 Participant Training
Dzaleka Refugee Camp

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