The Master of Arts in Biblical Ministry is a general degree designed to:

  • be appropriate for students in their current positions of leadership in general Christian ministry
  • reflect the VCI Graduate School’s unique approach of Integrated Leadership Development (ILD) with church-based sites
  • be consistent with ordination requirements in supporting churches
  • provide a pathway for Christian leaders whose first degree is not necessarily in theology.

Students will be able to practice independently as Christian ministers, with skills defined in terms of particular cultural milieus and areas of gifting. In particular, they will be able to:

  • interpret the Scriptures independently on an advanced level
  • apply and communicate biblical truths in personal and ministry contexts
  • do theology in context
  • provide leadership to others
  • train others in line with unique principles of Integrated Leadership Development as competent Christian leaders
  • apply advanced skills in ministry
  • learn independently through professional and personal reflection.

The Master of Arts in Biblical Ministry must be done over a period of not less than two years from initial enrollment and not more than six years except in cases of Recognition of Prior Learning.

See the latest catalog for prerequisites for admission and unit descriptions.