The Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) approved the Veritas College International Graduate School to operate in Colorado under the Degree Authorization Act (2008, 2012), by granting the institution Religious Authorization in 2009. “’Authorization’ means the authorization granted to a private college or university or seminary or religious training institution by the commission as provided in this article and the policies adopted pursuant to this article. Authorization is not an endorsement of the institution by either the commission or the department." [CCHE Policy: Section I, Part J: Degree Authorization Act (3.04); and Title 23, Article 2 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (amended 2012)]

VCI converted from the State of Colorado to the State of Texas in 2019 and received in the same year religious exemption from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as well as exemption from Chapter 132 of the Texas Education Code through the Texas Workforce Commission to offer religious postsecondary education.