Since its inception over a century ago, the church in Uganda has rapidly grown and continues to be in dire need of well-equipped leaders. Many zealous church leaders have minimal or no bible training and solely depend on “the leading of the Holy Spirit” and “personal convictions” rather than on the bible. This often leads to church leaders being susceptible to serving with selfish ambition (whether knowingly or not) and has further exposed the church to false teaching and the occult.
Uganda has several Bible schools and theological colleges however, these have not been able to meet the church’s rapidly growing demand for well-equipped leaders. Even if there were sufficient training institutions, it would cost the thousands of church leaders too much to attend them.

Training in Gayaza
Training in Gayaza, Peri urban Uganda

Veritas offers a flexible, economically viable and multipliable training method that equips leaders locally not only to become better trained themselves, but also to pass this training on to others (2 Tim 2:2). Through Veritas the rapidly expanding church in Uganda is able to train well equipped leaders at a pace that matches the growth of the church – and all this in a language of that particular people group. We currently have the training available in eight languages – English, Luganda, Acholi, Langi, Ikarimojong, Ateso, Swahili and French. However, only English and Luganda have been translated into all four modules. Translation into Runyankore is in progress.

Training in Gayaza
Training at Lugazi Pentecostal Church (near Eastern Region)

Over the last 23 years, Veritas College Uganda has equipped hundreds of church leaders from different denominations and church groups, with the skills to discover the biblical message for themselves and to apply it in their own specific context. This continues to be our quest. The ‘Equipping To serve’ Veritas training is currently used in various Church networks in Uganda, including Church of Uganda, Pentecostal Assemblies of God, the Baptist Church, the Full-Gospel Church, independent churches, Theological training schools such as Arise Africa, A.B.I.D.E and New Hope.

Training in Gayaza
Two of the Savings groups from Lubumba Community Church (Rural Central Uganda)

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