The Doctor of Ministry comprises 30 credits, all of which are required:

Unit Code Credits
Research and Writing RES801 3
Learning the specific conventions of scholarly writing at doctoral level, including the requirements and processes for the proposal, the submission for ethical approval, the literature review, scholarly conventions for language and objectivity, working with supervisors, and final writing.
Project Proposal RES802 3
Comparing different kinds of dissertations and projects, selecting and defining a topic, planning a suitable project for the Doctor of Ministry dissertation, establishing the alignment of the plan, and presenting it in an acceptable prospectus or proposal.
Literature Review RES803 3
Selecting and reviewing scholarly and professional literature relevant to the dissertation topic. Analyzing and critically reflecting on the selected literature. Examining a variety of cases or practices similar to the project.
Context and Needs Analysis RES804 3
Exploring relevant cultural factors that affect the specific context of the dissertation topic, including social and worldview aspects, and an analysis of the needs of different parties involved in the ministry situation.
Biblical Basis RES805 3
Exploring the biblical basis of the dissertation topic including exegesis of relevant passages of Scripture and theological reflection.
Fieldwork RES806 3
Planning, implementing, and evaluating empirical research related to the dissertation topic.
Evaluation and Conclusion RES807 3
Analyzing, evaluating, and integrating the different components of the study culminating in a meaningful conclusion.
Dissertation RES808 6
Writing a well-structured dissertation to a doctoral standard integrating the research conclusions of the literature review, exegesis, and fieldwork to address the research problem in the specific context and indicating the possible wider application of the final evaluation and conclusions.
Oral Defense RES809 3
The oral defense of the dissertation contains a presentation and a defense before a panel of examiners.
Total credits: 30