It is one thing to get training in Christian ministry, it is quite another to then take that training and integrate it into the dynamic context of your local church and everyday life.

ClassOur training model tackles this issue head on.

We work in collaboration with local churches in their various expressions, and various denominations. In this regard we follow the Biblical principle of inter-dependence as well as the pattern that we find in the book of Acts.

Our training focuses on teaching you skills which enable you to intrepret the Bible for yourself and to then apply what you have learnt into your own life and circumstances. 

In this regard it is skills based, not content based.

By following this approach students find that they integrate their learning quickly into church life because they have never left the local church context. They find their understanding and practice changes gradually and therefore don’t experience “culture” shock. They also find it easier to integrate what they have learned into everyday life.

How does it work?

If a number of churches work together with the training, solid relationships are built which in turn strengthen the church in a geographical area. A collaborative network develops which then makes it easier for ongoing training and development.