Do you want to...

... be equipped for the next major challenge in your ministry?
... mentor graduates training for Christian ministry?
... achieve an accredited graduate qualification?

What is the Graduate Diploma of Biblical Ministry?

The Graduate Diploma of Biblical Ministry is a graduate ministry qualification in Christian ministry, comprising nine units.

The first two units are specifically designed to build you up in ministry. The third is about raising new leaders.

The remaining six units comprise a major project, which is designed to be appropriate to your particular ministry and giftings. The project requires you to plan a significant advance in your ministry, implement it, and evaluate it. It is based on the project methodology that is typical of Master and Doctor of Ministry programs.

What will I learn?

  1. VCISPI801 - Apply spiritual growth in a senior leadership role
  2. VCIMIN801 - Apply biblical principles of leadership
  3. VCIMIN802 - Raise next generation of leaders
  4. VCIMIN803 - Analyse context and needs
  5. VCIMIN804 - Do strategic planning for ministry
  6. VCIMIN805 - Mobilise personnel for ministry
  7. VCIMIN806 - Manage resources for ministry
  8. VCIMIN807 - Implement ministry program
  9. VCIMIN808 - Evaluate the ministry program

Admission requirements

One of the following:

  • The competencies of the 52869WA Advanced Diploma of Biblical Ministry, or
  • The competencies of an Advanced Diploma that is equivalent to the 52869WA Advanced Diploma of Biblical Ministry, or
  • The competencies of the 52866WA Diploma of Biblical Ministry and relevant teaching experience to at least the 52865WA Certificate IV in Biblical Ministry, or
  • A Bachelor degree and competencies of the 52866WA Diploma of Biblical Ministry and current leadership position in Christian ministry, or
  • A Bachelor degree that includes the competencies of the 52866WA Diploma of Biblical Ministry.

Applicants with a Bachelor degree may also be given provisional admission if they complete the competencies of the Certificate IV and Diploma before any Graduate Diploma units may be awarded.

Other requirements are:

  • Access to a suitable ministry context. The ministry context must involve leading people to advance or improve, although that may be defined in different ways in different ministries.
  • At least one suitable local referee.


Limited scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis to persons currently in Christian ministry with demonstrated need. Please contact Veritas College International Inc. for further information.


The graduate diploma is accredited by the Training Accreditation Council of the government of Western Australia.

Duration and time commitment

It usually takes 1 to 2 years to do this qualification.

Your time commitment depends on how much of your ministry time is dedicated to taking on your next major challenge, which is all part of your project. However, time given to other activities, such as routine church work, is not part of your project.

Further study

Veritas College International Graduate School is authorized to issue its own Master and doctoral degrees in the United States. The graduate diploma allows entry into these programs. Students may use the graduate diploma for admission to the Master of Arts (Professional) and are exempt from overlapping requirements.