1. VCI programs are open to:
    • members/associates of participating churches
    • staff and volunteers of Veritas ministry training programs
  2. Applicants must be over 18 years of age.
  3. Applicants must use the application forms at the time.
  4. Applicants must have a satisfactory reference from their church or ministry organization.
  5. Applicants must currently be regular church attenders and active in Christian ministry.
  6. Applicants for higher level qualifications may need to be in ministry positions consistent with the qualification for which they are applying.
  7. Applicants must agree to both the VCI and their church's statements of faith.
  8. Students must comply with the student code of conduct.
  9. The designated officers of VCI will decide on the acceptance or rejection of applications.

Non-discrimination policy

  1. VCI courses are open to qualified applicants regardless of gender, social position, age, physical disability, or racial, ethnic, cultural, or linguistic background.
  2. Staff are required to treat all students equitably in a fair and considerate manner.
  3. Staff are required to provide all students an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.
  4. Students with a physical disability should seek advice on what adjustments may be made that are necessary for a fair chance of successful completion of studies:
    1. They are entitled to reasonable adjustments or allowances that are necessary for a fair chance of successful completion of studies.
    2. Equitable treatment does not mean that all students must be treated the same.
    3. The adjustment may not incur unfair financial cost to the program, nor compromise program requirements.
    4. Students will not be given an adjustment if it appears to make no significant difference to the assessment outcome, that is, it provides little benefit for the student, or the lack of an adjustment provides little detriment for the student.

Language, literacy and numeracy

  1. VCI staff will informally assess the language, literacy and numeracy skills and computer skills of students in relation to the programs for which they have applied.
  2. Applicants with serious deficiencies may be required to gain these skills before admission is granted.
  3. VCI may choose to admit students if it can arrange adequate support and/or training.