Do you want to ...

... further deepen your understanding of the Bible?
... take your ministry in the church to a higher level?
... obtain a recognized ministry qualification?

What is the Diploma of Biblical Ministry?

The Diploma of Biblical Ministry is an accredited qualification that focuses strongly on Bible interpretation and the development of ministry skills. It is usually presented in conjunction with local churches that are keen to develop up-and-coming leaders for ministry. Being church-based, you'll have the unique opportunity to be trained for ministry while still actively in ministry within your church.

What will I learn?

The qualification is designed to focus on the specific skills that you will need to interpret the Bible and to use them in ministry. A total of thirteen units needs to be completed. The first twelve units are mandatory and one unit needs to be selected from the remaining four units.

Mandatory Units:
  1. VCIOTE501 - Interpret the Psalms
  2. VCIOTE502 - Interpret the Old Testament wisdom books
  3. VCIOTE503 - Interpret the Old Testament prophetic books
  4. VCIOTE504 - Identify the communication situation and central message of the Old Testament prophetic books
  5. VCINTE501 - Interpret the Synoptic Gospels, John's Gospel and Acts
  6. VCINTE502 - Interpret the book of Revelation
  7. VCINTE503 - Identify the communication situation and central message of the Gospels, Acts and Revelation
  8. VCITHE501 - Provide answers for the church on world view
  9. VCIMIN501 - Plan and lead the prayer, praise and worship segments of a church meeting
  10. VCIMIN502- Provide biblically based pastoral care to individuals
  11. VCIMIN503 - Develop a personal and a ministry stewardship plan
  12. VCIMIN504 - Develop and apply a biblically based model of church leadership
Choose one from the following:
  1. VCIMIN505 - Prepare and deliver a series of messages for children
  2. VCIMIN506 - Prepare and deliver a series of biblical messages or sermons
  3. VCIMIN507 - Prepare a series of Bible studies for a number of Bible study groups and prepare their leaders to lead them
  4. VCIMIN508 - Prepare and deliver a series of biblical teaching sessions

Duration and time commitment

It usually takes 1 to 2 years to do this qualification.

Admission requirements

The competencies of the 52865WA - Certificate IV in Biblical Ministry.

Access to a ministry environment where the Diploma competencies can be demonstrated.