Do you want to...

... understand the Bible better?
... be equipped for your ministry within the church?
... obtain a recognized ministry qualification?

What is the Certificate IV in Biblical Ministry?

The Certificate IV in Biblical Ministry is an accredited ministry qualification that focuses strongly on Bible interpretation and the development of certain ministry skills. It is usually presented in conjunction with local churches that are keen to develop up-and-coming leaders for ministry. Being church-based, you'll have the unique opportunity to be trained for ministry while still actively involved within your church.

Literally thousands of church leaders from all over the world have benefited from this training in the past. Why not be one of them?

What will I learn?

The qualification focuses on the specific skills that you need to interpret the Bible, and how to use them in ministry. These include the following:

  1. VCINTE401 Interpret the New Testament Epistles
  2. VCINTE402 Identify the Communication Situation and Central Message of the New Testament Epistles
  3. VCIOTE401 Interpret the Pentateuch and Old Testament historical books
  4. VCIOTE402 Identify the Communication Situation and Central Message of the Pentateuch and Old Testament
  5. VCITHE401 Interpret the Ten Commandments and make biblical ethical decisions
  6. VCISPI401 Understand, apply and demonstrate spiritual change and growth
  7. VCIMIN401 Prepare and deliver a short biblical message
  8. VCIMIN402 Prepare and lead a Bible study
  9. VCIMIN403 Do biblical evangelism
  10. VCIMIN404 Develop a strategy for improving the dynamics of church life within a small group
  11. VCIMIN405 Promote family relationships

There are no electives and all 11 units of competency are required to complete the qualification.

Duration and time commitment

It usually takes 1 to 2 years to do this qualification.

Admission requirements

There are no specific academic requirements for admission to the Certificate IV other than:

  • appropriate literacy proficiency
  • access to a ministry environment where competencies can be demonstrated