March 2016 webA mile stone for Veritas was the completion of the first Transformational Development training held in Lusaka from the 7th to 11th March 2016. Thirty-two participants from sixteen Lusaka township churches completed the basic course to equip church teams for social involvement and initiatives in their communities. At the culmination of the course, church teams planned for practical actions.

Their action plans were dramatized with much fun to motivate their churches and communities for simple social initiatives. Their plans included the cleaning up the environment and the construction of latrines to improve the communities’ health and to manage their natural environment in a God-honouring way. At the heart of the course is the realisation that Christ died to bring peace to the key relationships God created – our relationship with Him, self, others and the rest of creation. As ambassadors of Christ, we are to work with him to bring peace in all the relationships. As bearers of God’s gifts and resources, we are to exercise respectful stewardship. All this is possible, because Christ died to reconcile us to God and make us a new creation.