Able Mwale ZM webMy name is Abel Mwale (58). I am a pastor of Life Harvest Baptist Church. I am married to Adonica and we have six children. I am currently pursuing BA in Theology at Kazemba Bible College.

My life and ministry has experienced tremendous transformation spiritually through studying with Veritas College. My understanding of the Bible has drastically changed because of the do it yourself, step by step, Bible interpretation skills I gained from Veritas College. This unique way of Bible interpretation has help me to apply Bible’s absolutes directly to my life and the people I serve. Consequently the character of Christ has grown in our lives. I am so grateful to the Lord that I came to know the Veritas Bible training. I have realized that without proper and accurate understanding of the Bible, my life, the life of my congregation and society cannot be transformed due to misinformation and misapplication.

In light of my experience with the Veritas Bible training, I am teaching the Veritas Equipping to Serve, modules’ one and two in my community. All my students are pastors from nearby churches who are also very excited with the skills received. If the church is to experience purity and holiness, it will be through proper exegesis and proper application.