HarvestOfChristTrainingOne hundred and ten pastors, leaders and members from the Harvest of Christ churches travelled up to 450 km to their annual conference to hear about the biblical ministry training that Veritas College offers. One man praised and thanked God with excitement. He exclaimed: ‘after many years of waiting, the Lord has opened the way to receive ministry training through Veritas College’.
They recounted how senior pastor, Jotham Siantongole, (right) who had no previous training, had the opportunity offered by the bishop to complete the biblical ministry training modules at Action Zambia in Lusaka. The training brought great changes in his life and ministry because he came to understand the Bible and use it effectively in his pastoral ministry. It has also prepared him to train the pastors of his denomination. These pastors, many of whom have very little formal education, are eager to learn because they want to lead their churches well and train their members.