Keith Berry Training in the UK

The co-ordinator for the training in the UK is Keith Berry. He introduces himself as follows:

For nearly 20 years now I’ve been involved as a pastor in churches in the UK. Increasingly over this time I observed the need for church leaders to be involved in disciple making and leadership training. As I sought to improve my own skills in these fields, I was fortunate to be exposed to Veritas College. I witnessed both the simplicity and effectiveness of Veritas training in my last church (Hightown Baptist Church, Luton). My passion now is to get alongside church leaders and encourage them to train others, resulting in Biblical leadership, spiritual growth and equipping participants for God’s service through the use of Veritas training materials in London and beyond.

I would be delighted to meet you to discuss how Veritas may help your church or hold a presentation should you wish to involve your team.
Please get in touch.

Keith Berry

Mobile - +44 (0)790 880 2564


Keith Berry training Clarkenwell

Keith Berry training Clarkenwell

Keith Berry training in Clarkenwell


"I would definitely recommend the Veritas modules to anyone. I have completed 1 and 2 and it gives you valuable tools to understand and interpret the Bible. Module 2 has unlocked the Old Testament for me, and where I previously just skimmed some of the more popular books, I now read, understand and enjoy studying the OT!"
Ilse - Participant

"Originally I signed up for Veritas because I realised that there are some passages in the Bible that I do not understand. I have now completed Veritas Modules 1 & 2. What I appreciate about this course is that it does not try to give me somebody else’s interpretation of what a specific passage in the Bible means; it teaches me a way in which to find the meaning for myself. Since starting Veritas, I have a new hunger inside me to spend more time reading the Bible, especially the Old Testament and I will definitely sign up for Veritas Modules 3 & 4."
Tyna Coffee - Participant

"I attended a Veritas course with strong reservations about approaching biblical text less devotionally and more analytically.By the end of module one I had come to appreciate the importance of language and context. Rather than losing the preciousness of Scripture I had gained a better understanding of some well-loved passages.Today I find that the Veritas method has become an integral part of my Bible reading."
Rowena - Participant

"The Lord has blessed us with a wonderfully exciting ministry."
Nick Joubert - Facilitator, South African Church

South African Church

The Veritas training ran London from 1996 until 2012. Originally it was Bennie and Moira Wolvaardt who introduced the training to the church. Hundreds of people have gone through the training.

Due to changes in the demographics the training is no longer taking place.


You can contact Veritas College International from the contact page.