In May 2018, Veritas College Uganda (VCU) had a chat with two young ladies who graduated from Ignite Bible College, a ministry partner of VCU. Below is the dialogue between the two.

Nanyanzi:  My name is Josephine Nanyanzi, a first born of six children. I’m in my final year of Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Mbarara University Business School (MUBS) – Mbarara. I fellowship with Mbarara Pentecostal Life Church under the guardianship of Pastor Nyanzi Emmanuel.  I am also part of the worship team at Radical Fellowship.

Namugga: Namugga Jackie, also the first born of six children to Mr Jude and Mrs Agnes Magembe. I recently completed my University studies and waiting to graduate with a Bachelor of Human Resource Management at MUBS - Mbarara in January 2019. I fellowship with Christ Embassy Church Mbarara under the umbrella of Believers of God.

How was the journey at Ignite Bible College (IBC)?

Nanyanzi: Ignite Bible College is under Radical Destiny Revival Ministries of which I am a pioneering graduate of IBC. I was picked on by our Ministry Leader Apostle Rodgers Muhumuza who encouraged me to take part in the Bible class. Ignite helped me to diligently immerse myself in the word and thus the Bible has become a dear friend who I run to in times of joy, sorrow, despair, thanksgiving and happiness.  Through IBC, I have made very great friends and mentors. I am so happy that I’m now a better person and going to impact the world.

Namugga: My journey at Ignite was very hard with persecution from my family who were against my pursuit of Biblical studies. But my love and passion to learn and know more about God kept me going against the odds and Ignite gave me the platform to see my zeal grow.

What was your take home from the Veritas Module of ‘Equipping to Serve’?

Namugga: My favourite lesson of the Veritas module was Lesson four ‘How to do Exegesis.’ I enjoy putting myself in the context of the original recipients of a book which I now use to mark meaning indicators of a passage. Learning how to break down the text in a passage into smaller workable units was a game changer in Bible interpretation.

Nanyanzi: In the whole process of Bible interpretation, what I find very interesting after picking a passage is: in exegesis (understanding), research the communication situation (understand the context within which the author wrote), break it down in smaller sentences (which makes it easier to work on), mark/underline the words that are related in meaning within that passage and summarize the message of the passage to the original receivers. I no longer read my Bible the same way as before learning how to do exegesis.

What do you say of your fellow participants at IBC?

Namugga: Josephine in particular was a great friend who followed me up and encouraged me. The class group was a team working together and I am very glad that we are in the pioneering graduating team.

Nanyanzi: My fellow participants exhibited love in the best of ways that I could ask for.

What next after the training, graduation and commissioning?

Nanyanzi: I’m very excited that I already have a platform of a worship leader to exercise leadership skills I acquired in combination with all other ministry works that I will be engaging in based on the word of God.

Namugga: I have been equipped and my first mission is to reach out to my parents and family, preaching the good news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. While at it, I am already on my knees praying to God to open the doors in their hearts for his message to reach them. I have also resolved to reach out to one thousand people with the good news before my next birthday in November, short of which I will not celebrate it.