The following is some feedback we received from students over the years. The first piece is a poem written by a Module 2 Student from Malawi.

Where were you Veritas?

A poem from Kaning’a CCAP

Where were you Veritas?
For coming today
We did not know you
When Mrs Chatha
Was not here at Kaning’a CCAP
Today eyes, ears are open
Because of you Veritas

Where were you Veritas?
You have opened our eyes and ears
Although it’s too late
We have known exegesis
Which is understanding in depth
Steps of understanding is known

Where were you Veritas?
You have told us when preaching
We have to know the following
Who is the author?
When was it written?
Who were the recipients?
What was the purpose?
Indeed Veritas has taught us a lot

Where were you Veritas
You have taught us the good news
When reading
We have to read some verses before
We have to read some verses after
To see the relationship of some verses
We couldn’t know all these
Without you Veritas

We couldn’t know all these
Without you Veritas Through
Nehemiah and Kittece Msangaambe
When we hear sermons
We are able to know what is missing or
These are not relevant
We have benefited with Veritas
Our lives are not the same than before

You have blessed us a lot Veritas
You have removed our fears when preaching or speaking
You have given us strength for preaching good news
You have given us conscience
By reading Word of God daily
Indeed you have changed our lives Veritas
Indeed where were you Veritas

By B.P. Mzumala
Module 2 student
Kaning’a CCAP

Testimony from St. Peter's congregation

Blantyre Synod of the Church of Central African Presbyterian is one of the most influential churches in Malawi. Two years ago they officially accepted to partner with Veritas College in training their leaders. The training in Southern Malawi is on great demand, it is spreading like wild fire. Another exciting thing is that the denomination is also paying for some of their own expenses for training facilitators. In the picture is one of the many graduations we have had this year alone. This is St Peter's congregation in the city of Blantyre, 2 pastors were doing the training there , The Rev Paul Mawaya in blue scarf and Rev Collins Mbawa in red scarf. 14 participants graduated in Module 4 and 9 participants in Module 3. Speaking during the celebration one of the participants explained that his spiritual life is no longer the same, “ I am a better person, during the training in all the module, for the first time in my life I heard God speaking to me in my own context and my language through exegesis. My wife can testify that I am a better husband and a better father because of the training” We at Veritas College Malawi are thankful for all the support and prayers.Graduation Ceremony St Peters 2020

Rosemary Ziko

Rosemary Ziko, Ntchisi-fRosemary Ziko, a retired teacher and mother of five grown-up children, is a Facilitator Apprenticeship Programme member at Ntchisi CCAP congregation. She is currently facilitating three Veritas Bible classes and is also an active member of the village savings and loans group which helps the women who are part of the Bible classes. Rosemary says, 'I once was just a church goer with little knowledge of the Word of God. This changed when I was born again and now I want others to know what I have gained from knowing God. This is what motivates me to teach God's Word and because the participants are eager to learn. Moreover, I grow spiritually when I prepare for the lessons and Jesus says that the workers are few, and so I must help. I enjoy seeing participants grow in their understanding of the truth and learn to share it with others. This motivates me to equip others with God's Word.Rosemary Ziko, Facilitator Apprentice with a group of participants, Ntchisi-f
Rosemary Ziko, Facilitator Apprentice with a group of participants, Ntchisi

Mrs Rose Chimpeni

Rose Chipeni and husband, Ndaladi Village-fMrs Rose Chimpeni says, ‘I have grown spiritually since I started the Veritas training. I can understand the Bible better and I have learnt to love my neighbours and my village. I have a good relationship with my husband and we are happy as a family. The knowledge we gained from Veritas has also helped my husband and we are passing it on to our children.’

Rose Chimpeni is from Ndaladi village, Central Malawi, married to Alex and they have seven children.

Mr Lifeyo Numeri

Rose Chipeni and husband, Ndaladi Village-fMr Lifeyo Numeri says, ‘The Veritas Bible course Module 1 has helped me spiritually. I didn't understand the Bible before the training and now I know what it means and it has changed my life.

Mr Numeri comes from Ndaladi village, Central Malawi, and is married with seven children.

Mrs. Mercy Beston

Rose Chipeni and husband, Ndaladi Village-fMrs. Mercy Beston says, ‘I was a nominal Christian before I started the Veritas Bible training. Now I have become a committed Christian. I am so grateful to Veritas.’

Mercy Beston comes from Khumilnjuchi village, Central Malawi, is married with five children, one is the child of her late sister.


Mr Wales Kumchulesi

Rose Chipeni and husband, Ndaladi Village-fMr Wales Kumchulesi says, 'Veritas has helped me a lot. I've learned the story of God. I am an elder at Mchisanjala CCAP and it has helped me in my ministry. Before the Veritas training I didn't know how to preach and present the Word of God to others but now I am confident and see change in people's lives.

Wales Kumchulesi comes from Chikusi Village, Lilongwe District, is married and has two adult children.