Training in South Africa takes place in various parts of the country and amongst many different denominations and cultures.

Map - Veritas Training in South Africa

Map of SA showing the different places where Veritas is currently training

Between 1996 and 2008 more than 6000 participants were trained in the different modules. The number of participants has dramatically increased in the past 24 months and currently 1248 participants are being trained in 115 groups from 78 different congregations and organisations. As most of the participants are leaders within their local churches, their training impacts many others.


Veritas training leaders in Bloemfontein

Training leaders in Bloemfontein

Facilitators from local churches and organisations are regularly trained in different parts of South Africa so that they can facilitate the training in their own or other contexts. Please contact us if you are interested in being trained as a facilitator in South Africa.



Group of facilitators being trained in Bloemfontein

Although the training takes place all over South Africa, we would like to highlight a few projects: