The Northern Cape is a vast area where the people are called "the forgotten people" by some.

There are tremendous leadership needs in the area - in one denomination alone there are more than a 100 local churches without trained pastors (this is a denomination that requires its pastors to train for 6 years at a seminary).

In 2009 Veritas was invited to start training in four towns - Loeriesfontein, Nieuwoudtville, Calvinia and Brandvlei. Facilitators have now also been trained and will start new groups in their own and other churches in 2010. Training will also commence in three other towns in 2010.


0. Theuns and Susie Henn

Theuns and Susie Henn who lead the work in Northern Cape


The Brandvlei group


The Calvinia group


Training in Calvinia


The Loeriesfontein group


The Nieuwoudtville group

9. VGK Nieuwoudtville

Training in the VGK, Nieuwoudtville

13. Theuns en Ivan by die nuwe fasiliteringslokaal

Theuns and Ivan at the new training facility - the tent was used for the first time in Calvinia

14. VGK Calvinia-Wes

VGK Calvinia-Wes

15. VGK Calvinia-Wes

VGK Calvinia-Wes.  Kallie (an elder and Mod 1 participant) doing exegesis with his group

16. VGK Loeriesfontein

VGK Loeriesfontein

Some lighter moments while traveling

10. It's Cold and wet in Nieuwoudtville

It's cold and wet in Nieuwoudtville

11. VGK Nieuwoudtville

VGK Nieuwoudtville: We got stuck in the church's parking lot

12. Calvinia - Theuns and Wikkie Avenant, minister from VGK Brandvlei

Calvinia - Theuns and Wikkie Avenant, minister from VGK Brandvlei