In 2007 Veritas started with more focused training in the Eastern Cape, an area where there is a great need for pastors and leaders. There are cases where up to 12 churches are served by only one trained pastor. The elders help with preaching and ministry but do not have any training.

Veritas was invited to start training in the Transkei in 2008 as there was a need for trained leaders. The first group were leaders from different areas and went through intensive training weeks during the year. At the end of 2008 some were trained as facilitators and are now training in their local areas, while still undergoing further training in the other Veritas modules. The impact of this can already be seen in many churches.


Group of young people busy with Module 1

Mamma Liena

Mamma Liena cannot read anything else than the Bible


Training at Decoligny


Student enjoying a lighter moment


Module 3 students analysing Psalm 1


Fudukile Menze receives his Module 2 certificate from Riaan Terblanche