Veritas College was introduced into Namibia from South Africa in 1999. Namibia is a vast, empty and arid country located on the west coast of Africa, just north of South Africa. It has a population of only 1.8 million people.

Initially the ministry was managed part-time but since last year Gert and Jeanette Lubbe have taken early retirement to be able to concentrate full-time on the ministry of Veritas in Namibia.

The training participants are from various denominational and educational backgrounds. Training takes place where ever the people are, using whatever facilities are available.

Room with a view
Jeanette teaching


Three participants said the following:

"Module 2 taught me the faithfulness of God and the assurance that He is walking alongside us. I learnt to appreciate that the Old and New Testament cannot be separated, but that the Bible is a unity."

"For the first time I have the self-confidence to correct people out of the Word of God. Although I know the Lord for a long time, I never had the confidence to discuss things with people from His Word."

"The Veritas College participants have become my cell group."


An exciting new development is that training is now starting in neighbouring Angola. It is yet in its infancy but we trust the Lord for further growth in 2008.

Training starting in Angola
Training by lamplight

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