Facilitator Training Course Information and Application Forms

pdf Facilitator Training Course Application Form (FTC 02)

pdf Facilitator Training Course Reference Form (FTC 03)

pdf Information for Facilitator Training Course Applicants (FTC 04)

pdf  Facilitator Guide 2013 edtion 2

Facilitator Apprenticeship Information and Application Forms

pdf Application Form (FAP 03)

pdf Reference Form (FAP 07)

pdf  Handbook for Facilitator Apprenticeship Programme  (FAP 00)

Participant Class Registration Form

pdf  Class Registration Form  (R01)

pdf  Participant Registration Form  (R02)

pdf  Completed Class Report Form  (R03)

pdf  Incomplete Class Report Form  (R04)

pdf  Recommendation for Certificate of Achievement Form  R05

Training Resources


Useful websites:

Foundations for Farming, Zimbabwe based organisation that pioneered a Christian ethics approach to conservation agriculture www.foundationsforfarming.org
Farming God’s Way, South African counterpart of Foundations for Farming www.farming-gods-way.org
Agriculture and Theology Project www.agriculture-theology.org.uk
A Rocha, international Christian conservation organisation www.arocha.org
The John Ray Initiative, Oxford based Christian think tank on theology and the environment www.jri.org.uk
Biovision, Kenyan based. Practical information for farming in the tropics / organic farming www.infonet-biovision.org
Village Savings and Loans Associates www.vsla.net