Trees are vital for a healthy environment and in turn a healthy community depends on a healthy environment. A healthy environment has plenty of clean air and available clean water and fertile soil, all of which become scarce without trees. Competing human needs for fuel wood and timber, coupled with population growth and the lack of efforts to reforest, soon leads to large environmental and social problems.

Through biblical teaching on environmental stewardship we encourage a God-centred and caring attitude towards trees and natural resources. We encourage a tree planning culture and the construction of simple fuel saving stoves for each family who participate in our training. This also improves the health and safety in the home.


Human need for fuel and income competes with nature's need for trees. Deforestation impoverishes the environment, is a cause of climate change and increases food-insecurity.


The hard and time consuming task of collecting firewood belongs to women.

Traditional cooker

The traditional three stone cookers is fuel-inefficient and still used by the majority of people.

Fuel saving stove

Fuel saving stove is simple to construct and costs nothing but a labour of love. It saves up to 70% of fuel wood and therefore trees. It is safer for small children than an open fire and healthier because the outside chimney reduces smoke related bronchial problems which are common in women.