Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world where the majority of people live below the so called poverty line of 1 US-Dollar a day. About 50 percent of children grow up malnourished and the fast growing population has put enormous pressure on the environment. Deforestation has been rapid and widespread and well over half the forest cover has been lost since the 1970s. This is caused by the increased demand for agricultural land since the majority of Malawians are small-scale or subsistence farmers.

In response to this situation, we aim to enable local churches to serve their communities to improve livelihoods and care for their environment by applying biblical principles to everyday life. Practical skills and appropriate technology are also taught, demonstrated and supported by regular follow up visits. Churches and participants are encouraged to share their knowledge and skills with others in their communities. (Read some of our participants' stories to see how they are facilitating the learning of others)


Livelihood and conservation farming training at Chakwawa prayer house