Compost small12 farmers’ study group facilitators from six different congregations were exposed to the cleanest, most odour and insect-free latrines in rural Malawi.

Compost small23 Farmers from the Kasitu Farmers’ Study Group, Lilongwe West, were trained to become proud keepers of honey bees.

Compost smallTwelve farmers from six churches took part in a refresher course focusing on Biblical teaching which connects their Christian faith with farming.

Faidherbia Albida fieldThe Veritas Team hosted Prof John Wibberley (RURCON) to speak to farmers’ groups in four congregations and hold a public lecture in Lilongwe on the theme of Christ, Creation and Trees.


FAP_Group_12_07_smallA trainers’ course for church members to facilitate module 2 of our Bible training was attended by 14 participants.

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