Six month after the initial training, many participants are testifying to the spiritual and practical impact the training has had on them and their churches. Participants and churches are getting more involved in their communities to up-lift them spiritually and practically. Potifar Banda and Annie Simone testify about their experience. Both Potifar and Annie also facilitate the Equipping to Serve in their churches.

Potifer Banda Chipala CCAPPotifar Banda says, after the Transformational Development course in July 2016, I decided as a primary school teacher to start a club called ‘The Real Seed to Children of Malawi’ (TRESTCOM) for my students with 3 aims: To teach them the ‘real seed’ which is the Word of God and how they can live according to the Bible, secondly, how to be self-reliant and thirdly, how to improve their school grades.

Since then, some children have planted their own crops and they understand about caring for the environment. They have started to plant trees and have seed nurseries. One boy has grown 65 seedlings, planting some trees and selling others. Another boy who is living with his grandmother has raised some goats and sold some to buy a bicycle. This has enabled him to cycle to school, help his grandmother to take the maize to grind at the mill and do other errands. He plans to raise more livestock to be more self-reliant.

In our Bible studies we have talked about who we are and the purpose of life. Since the Transformational Development course, instead of lecturing I prepare questions to discuss together. Through this, some students have given their lives to Christ. My vision is to start Equipping to Serve module 1 and we are discussing how we can raise money to pay for Bibles and training materials. I am encouraged to see holistic transformation taking place over the past few months.

Annie Simon MtenthereAnnie Simon says the TD training impacted me spiritually and practically. I was reminded that God forgave me through Jesus Christ and that I must forgive others. Now my relationship with my husband has really improved. The way I’ve been bringing up my children has changed and I am no longer harsh with them but love them in a kind way. I have a small plot of land where I grow natural trees and fruit trees and plan to start conservation farming there too next farming season. I am doing Module 3 Equipping to Serve and am about to be trained to be a facilitator in Module 1.