43 representatives participated in the Transformational Community Development training in Malawi. All churches are connected with Veritas as they use the Equipping to Serve Bible training courses to train their members for biblical ministry. The Transformational Development training builds on these biblical foundations.

TD Malawi Chongoni

What is Transformational Development?

Holistic: Biblical holism reflects God’s redeeming mission in Christ for spiritual and physical wholeness of his creation – wholeness in our relationship with God, self, others and the rest of creation.

People first: Focus on renewed thinking and attitudes that people are image bearers of God, created with dignity. We have gifts, abilities and resources to be used in creative and productive stewardship.

Asset-based: As image bearers of God, we use our gifts and resources, however small, to solve our own problems.

Participatory: Everyone participates in holistic development through the sharing of knowledge, experience, action and reflection. The dignity of people is recognised in genuine participation.

Sustainable: People and communities ‘owning’ and solving their own problems, with caring management of all relationships and resources.

Mobilises the church and community:Creates biblical vision and passion to act as ambassadors of Christ and work with the community towards holistic transformation.