Ruth Mopiha front row second from the right web
Ruth Mopiha (3rd from right)

A year ago Mrs Ruth Mopiha started the Veritas Bible course, Equipping to Serve. After 2 sessions she decided it was a waste of time and stopped attending. However, things changed. On the first of January 2016, she was part of a group of sixty participants who graduated Equipping to Serve, modules’ 1 and 2 at Michiru CCAP of the Blantyre Synod. Ruth testified about the change in her life at this event:

‘I joined the Pentecostal Charismatic Movement because I love passionate worship, intense prayer meetings and lots of shouting. I became very involved in the ‘Health and Wealth Prosperity Gospel’. I rarely went to my Presbyterian Church and even stopped associating with my friends there, as I considered them very unspiritual.

One Sunday I attended my old church, MichiruCCAP, where they announced they were starting another Equipping to Serve Bible course. This time I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to join the class. As I committed myself to attend the training, my eyes began to open and I was convicted of my pride and ignorance. What I thought was being spiritual, was just emotions without a true knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. I realised that it was so wonderful to understand God’s Word and to know his will for my life. Now I have completely changed. I’m growing in my relationship with the Lord. I’m really sorry about what I had been thinking and doing. I realise, it was out of ignorance of understanding God’s Word. I appeal to all those who are being let astray by these false prophets, join the Veritas training! These prophets call themselves men of God, but they are deceiving people. They demand money in exchange for a miracle. There is no charge required for salvation. Miracles and real breakthroughs come through understanding who God is by studying the Bible and applying it to your daily life.’