compost largeBible course facilitators and their spouses, twenty two people in all, attended a Marriage Seminar at Malingude Youth Camp to focus on their marriage relationships and be equipped to help other married couples in their churches. This is part of Veritas College’s on-going effort to equip facilitators to minister in their own local churches.

Mr and Mrs Yasin, who are experienced marriage counselors, led the weekend, a mixture of teaching and small group discussions. The emphasis was on building good foundations in marriage, starting with the couple’s relationship with God and one another and how to identify and deal with baggage they may have brought into their marriage. The Yasins made it very practical, addressing issues such as how to relate to the in-laws and the extended family, communication, finances etc. Everyone left the weekend encouraged to work on their marriages. Since then, many participants have started to share the teaching with their own families, in neighbourhoods and in their churches. One couple also gathered both sides of their extended families to share what they learnt. There is much need for practical biblical teaching about marriage in the church and society.