Faidherbia Albida field Large

The Veritas Team hosted Prof John Wibberley (RURCON) to speak to farmers’ groups in four congregations and hold a public lecture in Lilongwe on the theme of Christ, Creation and Trees. Trees are critical for a healthy ecosystem on which human life depends. Fashioned by God, the ecosystem reveals his wisdom and glory (Psalm 19;104:24), and he created it for beauty, biodiversity and to benefit all (Genesis 2:9). Humankind, the privileged custodian (Psalm 8) of God’s creation, is called to respect and carefully manage it. According the FAO (2012) 13 million hectares of world forests were converted to other uses or lost annually between 2000 and 2010 while only 5 million hectares were gained. Malawi is largely deforested due to the high demand of fuel wood used for cooking in rural and urban areas by its burgeoning population. The four workshops helped the church communities to review the Bible’s teaching on the care of trees. Action plans to improve the care and planting of trees by participants concluded the training. (Picture: A field of young Faidherbia Albida, an agro-forestry tree which provides nitrogen to aid soil fertility, timber, fodder and fuel)