Impact of TDSix month after the initial training, many participants are testifying to the spiritual and practical impact the training has had on them and their churches. Participants and churches are getting more involved in their communities to up-lift them spiritually and practically. Potifar Banda and Annie Simone testify about their experience. Both Potifar and Annie also facilitate the Equipping to Serve in their churches.

TD Malawi Chongoni small43 representatives participated in the Transformational Community Development training in Malawi. All churches are connected with Veritas as they use the Equipping to Serve Bible training courses to train their members for biblical ministry. The Transformational Development training builds on these biblical foundations.


Davies  Chipala CCAP smallDavie, on a recent visit to Malawi from the USA, came into contact with the rural Chipala CCAP church. He realised that there was a great need for Bible training. A theological student from Nkhoma recommended the Veritas Bible training and put Davie in touch with Davidson Chifungo (National Director). On the 16th January, Davidson and Kennedy (Veritas Team Member) introduced the Bible training at the church and thirty five participants registered.


Ruth Mopiha front row second from the right small"I appeal to all those who are being let astray by these false prophets, join the Veritas training! These prophets call themselves men of God, but they are deceiving people. They demand money in exchange for a miracle. There is no charge required for salvation. Miracles and real breakthroughs come through understanding who God is by studying the Bible and applying it to your daily life."

Ntaja picture smallThe first group of 30 participants graduated in the Equipping to Serve modules 1 and 2 in an area of Malawi where the Yao, a Moslem ethnic group, reside, and where Christians are in the minority. The participants explained that now they understand the Bible better and they recognise when their Moslem neighbours distort Bible verses to convince people that Christianity is false.

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