Participants share how the training has impacted their lives:

Rosemary Ziko

Rosemary Ziko, Ntchisi-fRosemary Ziko, a retired teacher and mother of five grown-up children, is a Facilitator Apprenticeship Programme member at Ntchisi CCAP congregation. She is currently facilitating three Veritas Bible classes and is also an active member of the village savings and loans group which helps the women who are part of the Bible classes. Rosemary says, 'I once was just a church goer with little knowledge of the Word of God. This changed when I was born again and now I want others to know what I have gained from knowing God. This is what motivates me to teach God's Word and because the participants are eager to learn. Moreover, I grow spiritually when I prepare for the lessons and Jesus says that the workers are few, and so I must help. I enjoy seeing participants grow in their understanding of the truth and learn to share it with others. This motivates me to equip others with God's Word. Veritas has also helped us holistically as we have learned to budget, save and use our money productively through the Village Savings and Loans programme'.

Rosemary Ziko, Facilitator Apprentice with a group of participants, Ntchisi-f
Rosemary Ziko, Facilitator Apprentice with a group of participants, Ntchisi

Mrs Rose Chimpeni

Rose Chipeni and husband, Ndaladi Village-fMrs Rose Chimpeni says, ‘I have grown spiritually since I started the Veritas training. I can understand the Bible better and I have learnt to love my neighbours and my village. I have a good relationship with my husband and we are happy as a family. We started last year using conservation farming on a small plot of land. We had very good results, so we have planted up a big plot this year and will plant soya, maize, ground nuts and beans. I am the chair lady for the Village Savings and Loans and have found the group a great help financially. I have learnt to budget and have been able to pay school fees for my children and will buy fertilizer. When we meet, we share what we know with one another and discuss various issues such as family relationships. The knowledge we gained from Veritas has also helped my husband and we are passing it on to our children.’

Rose Chimpeni is from Ndaladi village, Central Malawi, married to Alex and they have seven children.

Mr Lifeyo Numeri

Rose Chipeni and husband, Ndaladi Village-fMr Lifeyo Numeri says, ‘The Veritas Bible course Module 1 has helped me spiritually. I didn't understand the Bible before the training and now I know what it means and it has changed my life. After attending the training on conservation farming I tried a small area in my field with very good results, so I have prepared my large field in the same way this year and plan to grow maize, ground nuts and soya beans. I am also part of Village Savings and Loans which has been very helpful. It's a good way to save money and time because I now don't have to travel a long distance to a bank. We enjoy meeting together as a group and have become friends and our relationships have deepened. We take time to discuss other matters and ideas such as farming. I feel hopeful about the future because I have seen my life improve spiritually and physically. I am food secure and am growing as a Christian.’

Mr Numeri comes from Ndaladi village, Central Malawi, and is married with seven children.

Mrs. Mercy Beston

Rose Chipeni and husband, Ndaladi Village-fMrs. Mercy Beston says, ‘I was a nominal Christian before I started the Veritas Bible training. Now I have become a committed Christian. I have been helped with raising goats to sell and I am using the manure which has improved growing food in my garden. The Village Savings and Loans has enabled me to pay for my children's school fees, milling my maize and buying the basic necessities such as soap. We have encouraged others to join our group because it has been so helpful. I know with this training I have hope that the quality of my life will continue to improve and I am so grateful to Veritas.’

Mercy Beston comes from Khumilnjuchi village, Central Malawi, is married with five children, one is the child of her late sister.

Mercy Beston, Khumilnjuchi Village (second from left)
Mercy Beston (second from left) cooking a healthy meal at Ndaladi village after the villagers have learnt to process soya beans into milk and use the soya residues to cook a tasty relish.

Mr Wales Kumchulesi

Rose Chipeni and husband, Ndaladi Village-fMr Wales Kumchulesi says, 'Veritas has helped me a lot. I've learned the story of God. I am an elder at Mchisanjala CCAP and it has helped me in my ministry. Before the Veritas training I didn't know how to preach and present the Word of God to others but now I am confident and see change in people's lives. Through the training on creation care, I have learned how God wants us to care for his creation by taking care of the land. I didn't know how to care for the soil. I've learned to make compost and through doing conservation farming my maize yields have improved from three ox carts to five ox carts after the first year. I will now use this method to grow my other crops as well. My wife is very happy to have the fuel saving stove in her home as it saves firewood. Our VSL group is in its first cycle. So far it is going well. I feel positive that my future is improving.'

Wales Kumchulesi comes from Chikusi Village, Lilongwe District, is married and has two adult children.