Training was started by David de Wet in 2004 in Kinshasa. From there the next step was to move towards the west of the country (the province Bas-Congo) with training in Luozi, Matadi and Boma. In September 2006 training also started in the south in Lubumbashi.

This UN map shows the areas discussed (PDF, 382KB).

Mainly church leaders have been trained as facilitators (trainers of others). Some of them are well qualified with university degrees; others have almost no education. All of them are equipped to train other leaders in their own churches. A number of women have also been trained as facilitators.

The facilitators are in turn training at least 300 leaders in their churches which are spread over a large geographical area. About 40% of their participants (students) in training are women. The local churches decide who will undergo the training. The first group to finish Module 1 was a youth group between 18 and 26 years old.


Training in a church in Kinshasa

Training is only done by invitation from local churches. Classes may be held in a variety of settings, not limited to church buildings or any buildings!

Testimony from Lubumbashi

Pastor Wycliffe Mbuya (in the photo below in front on the left), who invited Veritas to start the training in his area, is currently the coordinator of all Veritas training in Lubumbashi. He introduced our Regional Development Director, David de Wet, to a local journalist. The journalist interviewed David during a half hour broadcast on the local radio station. Wycliffe was given as the contact person.


Training in a church in Lubumbashi

Several people contacted Wycliffe and he started training a group from various denominations. One person who joined the training was a young man whose parents had been converted to a sect. He wanted the training to promote the teaching of the sect. While learning to interpret the Bible himself, he found Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and immediately started witnessing about his new found faith.

Although only half way through Module 1, this young man started training another group of about ten people. He had not realised that he first needed to be trained as a facilitator. He just used his Bible and the notes from the participant’s manual to train them. He is so happy because all of his trainees also came to the Lord!


Module 1 training in Likasi

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