Training in the local context
A unique training process that works in any culture.
Meeting today's training needs
Veritas training places God’s Word at the centre of all teaching and recognizes it as the complete authority for church doctrine and practice
Graduate School
Competency Based Theological Education aimed at preparing church leaders to glorify God in their lives and ministries
Vocational Education and Training
Learning skills to work in Christian ministry
The Veritas training materials have been translated into 44 languages and the list is growing.

31 years of equipping churches worldwide to interpret, live and share the biblical message

Today's Training Needs

It’s a real challenge to provide the right training that fits with all the time, financial and personal constraints of everyday life. For most church members it is not practical to go off to a Bible College or seminary for full-time training.

This graph shows that if this is true for the church in the West, it is even more true for the fast-growing church in the rest of the world.

Meeting Today's Training Needs Chart showing Number of Evangelicals in millions 
in the Western and Majority Word

How We Meet the Needs

It is estimated there are over 2 million pastors who have never been trained how to handle the Word of God. The Church is adding 50 thousand new believers every day. How are these people going to be trained:

  • to raise up and release new leaders in the church
  • to be effective in discipleship
  • to continue their grow in the Gospel?

The following video shows how Veritas is stepping in to answer these questions:

What Makes Us Unique

We have pioneered Competency Based Theological Education that bridges the divide between Non-formal and Formal Education.

Our unique training process works in any culture, and can function even if resources are limited and without needing to go away to Bible training institutes. Three main elements make the philosophy and practice of Integrated Leadership Development (ILD) unique are:

  1. It all happens in the local church
  2. The whole person is developed
  3. The Bible and the practical world are brought together.

Veritas College Training Programs

Veritas College International offers three different kinds of programs that cover different levels of needs in ministry training. This is achieved through Competency Based Theological Education that articulates smoothly from non-formal Foundation Training, to accredited Diploma Training, to accredited Graduate Education

This is the starting point of training for church members, ministry leaders and pastors. The training takes the form of four modules.
The range of certificate and diploma programs go from introductory to graduate level. These programs are administered from Perth, Western Australia, where they have Australian government accreditation. The following current awards issued by VCI Inc (incorporated in Australia) are accredited in Australia by the Training Accreditation Council of the government of Western Australia (National provider number 51651). Accredited courses: Certificate IV in Biblical Ministry (52865WA), Diploma of Biblical Ministry (52866WA), Advanced Diploma of Biblical Ministry (52869WA) and Graduate Diploma of Biblical Ministry (52870WA).
Veritas College International Graduate School is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation (5850 T. G. Lee Blvd., Ste. 130, Orlando, FL 32822, 407.207.0808) to grant certificates and degrees at the Associate, Baccalaureate, Master’s, and Doctoral levels.
The VCI Graduate School offers the following four programs: Graduate Diploma in Biblical Ministry, Master of Arts in Biblical Ministry, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Ministry.

Veritas at a glance

We are so grateful to the Lord for how He has undertaken for the ministry. The following information is for the last training year:
Total Enrolments
Foundation Training  Enrolments
Facilitators in Training
Students in Accredited Diploma Training
Students in Masters and Doctorate Programs
Languages our Modules have been Translated into
Active Training Countries

Partnering with us

Most of our training takes place in churches that are persecuted, oppressed and/or lacking financial resources. Therefore only 11% of our income is from training fees. Please help us to serve our brothers and sisters in this very exciting and challenging time in the history of the church.

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