Empowering churches to train their own leaders to interpret Scripture and to apply and minister it in their own context.

Running 1,164 classes in 30 countries with more than 13,000 participants.


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Meeting today's training needs

It’s a real challenge to provide the right training that fits with all the time, financial and personal constraints of everyday life. For most church members it is not practical to go off to a Bible College or seminary for full-time training. 

This graph shows that if this is true for the church in the West it is even more true for the fast-growing church in the rest of the world. Read further

What Makes Us Unique

Through years of research and field testing we have developed a unique training process that works in any culture, and that can be run even if resources are limited and without the need to go away to receive Bible training. Read further

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Running 1,164 classes in 30 countries with more than 13,000 participants.

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Veritas has seen great results over the past 22 years, both in the lives of individuals and on a bigger scale in communities and countries. While we are grateful for this, we realise that there is still much to be done. Countless Christian leaders all over the world have to minister every day without having received adequate (or even any) training. Your prayers and financial contributions can help us to equip them for their service in the Kingdom.

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Bible and livelihood training

Veritas has pioneered the integration of Bible training with Livelihood training.

Integrated training in Malawi

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Enrollments for Masters of Arts in Egypt

StudyIconOur Egypt office is now accepting applications to study the Master of Arts (Biblical Ministry) in Cairo. You can view more detail and see how to apply by following the link:

MA in Egypt

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